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Small Animal Dentistry

Petroglyph Animal Hospital offers a wide range of veterinary dental services.  Dr. Lazzarotto has taken advanced dental training and is happy to offer dental services to clients throughout Vancouver Island.   
There are 6 major fields in veterinary dentistry:  


Restorative procedures -protecting vital teeth by applying material to the enamel


Prosthodontics -crown and bridge placement over important teeth to provide continued function


Oral Medicine -biospies, x-rays, and microbiology cultures from within the oral cavity


Periodontal procedures -cleanings, treatment of periodontal disease, correction of defects in the gingiva, correction of gingival overgrowth


Oral Surgery -extraction of teeth, jaw fracture repair, removal of cancerous masses, cleft pallet repair


Orthodontics -movement or removal of teeth to provide a more comfortable and functional bite


Endodontics -Root canals of fractured or non-vital teeth as well as placement of displaced or injured teeth Click here for more information on Root Canal Therapy (RCT)


Dr Lazzarotto takes referrals from other veterinarians for advanced dental proceedures, or you may contact Petroglpyh directly. Clients referred from other practices will not be accepted as regular clients of Petroglyph Animal Hospital for a minimum of 12 months after completing dental proceedures.


Please download a copy of Dr. Lazzarotto's referral form here.